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onodera transparent by na-na-ka

You can't please everybody so do it for yourself!!




絶対絶望少女 ダンガンロンパ AnotherEpisode Gameplay Trailer 3

i wanna sing things tomorrow maybe but my throat is in the process of recovering sighhhh


Kageyama + Character Development 
Kageyama is definitely changing! ~Sawamura Daichi~


And with this… It’s… finally…. done……. /collapses

Happy Birthday shuukyo!!! Or, well, Happy belated hahahaha… I missed your birthday by like, a few hours? Oops > v >;;; I just hope you don’t mind this whimsical, pointlessly fluff-ridden comic-thingy as a gift pffft —-

Explanation time!!

What I read online about Canes Venatici is that it represents two hunting dogs in relentless pursuit of Ursa Major. ‘Venatici’ comes from the word ‘Venari’ which means ‘to hunt, pursue’, which in turn comes from the word ‘wen’ - ‘to desire, strive for’. Dogs by themselves are symbols of loyalty, so what Tsukki is thinking is that the constellation itself conveys both loyalty and drive - which are two of Yamaguchi’s most prominent traits.

……………….yeah…. I hope that made sense, orz……… /rolls back into inactivity

i was supposed to take photos of the cakes in the shop window but i forgot my phon e